10 Most UNUSUAL McDonald’s and KFC Buildings in Russia (PHOTOS)

A hamburger in a “medieval” tower or hot wings in a wooden isba? We bet you weren’t expecting to find fast food in these places!

1. “There should also be a moat and archers on the tower!” joke people in Kazan. Yes, it is not often possible to see fast food in a “medieval” castle in Russia – well, anywhere, for that matter! Locals say that ten years ago there was a themed restaurant called ‘Lancelot’, but it closed and its building was taken over by a McDonald’s!

2. In Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia, a KFC restaurant is located in an incredibly beautiful Soviet-era building. Previously, it was the Pobeda cinema, which after the collapse of the USSR, trying to survive, rented its space to nightclubs, exhibitions, etc. And now the whole first floor is occupied by KFC.

3. A McDonald’s restaurant in Sochi is located near the pier, in one of the most touristy places in the city. Also, the building itself looks no worse than the fancy restaurants with the outdoor fountain nearby. And there is an amazing view of the Black Sea and the harbor from the second floor terrace!

4. In Penza, the ancient city in central Russia, a McDonald’s restaurant occupies the building of an old fish pass built in 1900. This building is one of the most beautiful in the city and considered a local landmark .

5. If there was a KFC in old Rus’, it would probably look exactly like this! Suzdal is one of the most famous cities in the Golden Ring, where many historical buildings are still preserved, but until recently there was not a single fast food chain, because the municipal administration wanted to preserve the authenticity of the city. However, in 2021, the first KFC franchise opened downtown in such a wooden building. Visitors note that this is the most unusual fast food restaurant they have seen.

6. This KFC restaurant is located just inside Kazansky station in central Moscow. The building itself was designed by famous Russian architect Alexei Shchusev in the 1910s and the KFC franchise appeared here nearly a century later.

7. The McDonald’s restaurant on Vasilievsky Island in Saint Petersburg is located in a building from the mid-1990s. The architects designed it in the postmodern style, so that it does not contrast with neighboring buildings from the late of the XIX-beginning of the XX century. They even created a cute turret with a clock!

8. A large McDonald’s restaurant opened on three floors of a 19th-century mansion on Novy Arbat in Moscow in 2020. In Soviet times there was a maternity hospital, which survived the construction of Novy Street Arbat, while many old buildings have been demolished. The original building is similar in architecture to a medieval castle.

9. In Ivanovo (Central Russia), the KFC restaurant is located in a house built in 1900. Initially it was a residential building, then a hotel with shops. During the Soviet years there were also apartments there. In 2019, the fast food cafe opened.

10. “One of the best views in Nizhny Novgorod,” say locals who visit the McDonald’s restaurant on Nizhnevolzhskaya Embankment. The building was built in 2019 and immediately became very popular. In particular, because of its exceptional location!

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