Short-term loans online

Short term loan no credit check online -Fast short term loans online

Quickly borrow business money then there are special business loans where you can borrow money quickly and within 1 day as an entrepreneur. These options are also available for self-employed persons without employees. If you have a BV, VOF or sole proprietorship then business credit can also be obtained urgently.

Fast short term loans online

Moreover, borrowing business money quickly does not necessarily have to be expensive.

With current technology, you often hear within a few hours – in some cases even within 10 minutes – whether your application for a short term loan shortern @ OakParkFinancial has been approved.

See some other the major providers of these fast business loans.

  • Bridgefund has fast business credit for sole traders and SMEs with a minimum annual turnover of 75,000 euros. For a quick application for a business loan, upload the recent transactions from your business account and you must have been registered with the ChamCom for at least 12 months. You do not have to submit annual figures. You will receive an answer almost immediately.
  • Astro Finance offers flexible business credit. That is a kind of revolving credit , but for entrepreneurs. Applying for a business loan from Astro Finance is only possible for companies with a minimum annual payment of 100,000 euros.
  • At CreditVolt you will also receive an almost instant message whether your application has been approved. The loan can be repaid with small amounts via direct debit or via any debit card payments that you receive.
  • Qeld promises to be the fastest, with an easy application process of 1 minute and a concrete financing proposal within an hour. Once you have signed this proposal online, they will deposit the money the same day. Especially suitable for small businesses and freelancers.
  • OPR Corporate Credit is also very smooth. The loans are a bit more expensive (total cost percentages start here at 12.5% ​​and can go up to a whopping 95%), but you can get a loan here directly as a sole trader, sole trader and VOF without giving a reason. Loans work through a guarantor, but this is also made easy for you: as a private person you can also act as a guarantor for your business loan or self-employed loan.
  • B2B business Loan is also very expensive, but you don’t need a guarantor here at all. A loan is arranged in this way and you don’t have to do much paperwork. The only condition is an annual turnover of € 75,000. Looking for a business loan without hassle? As long as you pay back the (by the way very expensive) loan, this provider does not make anything difficult.
  • With Atlantis Financiers you have several options. You can opt for Impulse credit, Entrepreneur credit, Lease or Factoring, for example if you have outstanding invoices. You can go here for a loan without BKR assessment, or a business loan without annual figures. Also as a freelancer or starter (in the case of a lease). As soon as you enter your company name, you will immediately see the options. The only condition is that you have an annual turnover of € 250,000.
  • There are also more variants and ways to get a business loan. See below for more examples of new business loan financiers in the Netherlands for a business loan without annual figures or a business loan without a credit assessment, such as Astro Finance and Lovifort.

A large number of applications are already assured of their money within 48 hours. In many cases, incidentally, cash flow is first looked at and not even creditworthiness.

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