Banky C introduces changes in its mobile application.

May 17, 2018 Banky C is known for its convenient mobile application. Now the bank’s customers can use additional functionalities. It has been facilitated, among others management of limits on card transactions. The bank has also introduced a very interesting option of temporarily blocking the card. Check what else has changed for application users. 

You can take a cash loan from Banky C without leaving your home. We can complete all formalities online. What else should you know about Banky C?

Simple transaction limits

Simple transaction limits

Until now, four limits were available in the Banky C application, which meant the maximum value of a particular transaction. The client could manage daily and monthly limits. After the changes, Banky C stays only with simplified daily limits. From now on, each customer has only three value limits in PLN to choose from:

  • for shopping in the store,
  • for withdrawals from an ATM,
  • for online transactions.

In this way, the current 16 sliders in the application are replaced by only three. The solution that further increases control over expenses is the ability to quickly disable each of the above transactions.

Banky C also introduces the possibility of a one-time significant increase in the limit for a given type of transaction. It will be restored to its original level automatically at the end of the day. In this way, when a customer plans to purchase electronic equipment online, for example, he or she does not have to worry about the restrictions imposed on the funds.

Lifting the restricted card lock

Lifting the restricted card lock

A temporary blockade of the card seems to be a particularly good idea. It often happens that loss turns out to be found in the least expected place. If you already managed to block the card, the find in this situation is useless. It remains to wait for a new card to be issued. After changes in the Banky C application, you can easily block and just as easily restore the functionality of a card hastily considered lost. You will save a lot of time in this way. The option also works on the bank’s transaction service.

Easier management of contactless and foreign transactions

Easier management of contactless and foreign transactions

Don’t want to use contactless payments? Banky C provides the option of simply blocking this option on the card from the application level. It also facilitates disabling payment transactions outside of the country. If the bank’s customer is not planning any foreign trips in the near future, he may block the payment function outside Poland for security reasons. Before the exotic vacation the option will be turned on again with a few clicks. Importantly, this blockade does not prevent transactions in foreign online stores.

Customers gain more control

All changes, apart from increasing the convenience of application users, are also intended to give them more control and increase security. Banky C is trying to change the very good reputation of its mobile banking, which according to the News on tv report in the fourth quarter of 2017 trusted 1,607,904 users. In this respect, Banky C is second only to the largest bank in Poland, Pancor Bank.


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